The Road

Journey the Missouri Weinstrasse: America’s First Wine Trail

When our German settlers first arrived to this region in the 1800s, it reminded them of everything they loved about their homeland. The sweeping vistas of the Missouri River valley, the Osage Ridge with its tree-covered slopes.

These hard-scrabble few soon created a new way of life and an entire community centered on wine-growing and wine-making. Vineyards and cozy farmsteads began to line the bluffs. Wine took on the role as the center of the community.

The Missouri Weinstrasse was born out of a desire to make this traditional notion of making wine the center of the community landscape. And while wine is the centerpiece, what we create is the chance to preserve this tradition for generations to come.

All of the wine you taste in any of the three Missouri Weinstrasse wineries is grown on that property. No imports and no blends with outside vineyards. You will experience the fullness of what our German ancestors intended with each trip.

So plan your next one: Check out our events page for the latest activities or plan a visit to one of our wineries.