The Winegrowers

Our Promise

As the Missouri Weinstrasse, America’s first wine trail, we promise to you that we will never compromise our sacred practices of artisan winemaking. We will honor the Earth and our German heritage. And you won’t be disappointed.

Our promise to you starts with the soil. We promise that the ground on which you stand when you visit us will be held sacred. That means that we will be good stewards of the land and keep this region beautiful.

Our promise also extends to our wine we take from the soil. What you taste when you visit us will be made just the same it was be our German ancestors. That means that you get the chance to experience what the simple life can taste like.

Our promise is also to you. We promise that the wine you experience will be authentic. We feel you deserve that much from us. Our wine is grown here, made here and enjoyed right here. It’s never blended and never compromised.

If you want to experience the true taste of Missouri, our promise is you can start with the wineries of the Missouri Weinstrasse. And you won’t be disappointed.