Missouri Varietals

We start with extraordinary grape varieties and create extraordinary wines.

Red Wines

Chambourcin (sham-bor-san)

Produces a medium-bodied red wine similar to a Pinot Noir,with a fruity aroma and cherry and earthy/spicy complexities. Serve with barbecue, pork, and pasta dishes.

Norton/Cynthiana (sin-thee-ana)

Norton grapes produce a rich, full-bodied dry red wine that can be similar in style to Cabernet Sauvignon, with the spicy overtones of a Zinfandel, and berry flavors that go nicely with red meat, smoked meat and wild game. The wine may be bottled as either a Cynthiana or Norton.

White Wines

Chardonel (shahr-du-nel)

As a cross of the famed Chardonnay grape with the popular Seyval, Chardonel is usually barrel fermented, very dry and full bodied. This is great with heavier seafood dishes, as well as chicken with cream sauces.

Seyval (say-vahl) Blanc

A French-American hybrid grape that makes a dry to semi-dry, clean, crisp medium-bodied wine with an herbal, fresh flavor. The barrel fermented Seyval takes on an oak complexity indicative of Chardonel.

Vidal (vee-dahl)

Used to make a dry to semi-dry, full-bodied wine with fruity characteristics, somewhat like Italian dry whites. Vidal’s clean citrus flavors of lemon and grapefruit create a nicely balanced wine that’s perfect with seafood or poultry.

Vignoles (veen-yole)

One of Missouri’s most versatile white grapes,Vignoles produces wines ranging from dry to sweet late harvest dessert wines. Vignoles’ luscious floral aroma and fruity flavors of pineapple and apricot are reminiscent of German Riesling. Ideal with Chinese food, fresh fruit, and fruit desserts.